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A flash of brilliance in the blackness... Look for this image in our print ads and glossy collaterals, too! Located in Kanata, Ontario in the heart of Canada's "Silicon Valley North", we provide strategic marketing consulting & management mentoring services to high technology companies in the Ottawa region, across Canada and worldwide.

For some three decades we functioned, flexibly according to the needs of each client, as an integrated full-service strategic marketing advice and execution team - a "virtual marketing department" delivering mentoring, market planning, market research, competitive positioning, branding & identity development, full-service advertising & promotion, tactical media, investor & public relations, and promotions & events services. That vast talent and experience base informs and powers our current emphasis on senior management mentoring, brainstorming and advisory services.

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"Excellence, Together"... one of our 3 key slogans

Many of our early clients called us "the marketing wizards" -- hence our website domain name.

Our clients have also called us passionate, energetic, quick, responsive, dependable, loyal, innovative, results-oriented, highly creative, perceptive, insightful, and strategically brilliant. And they've called us again and again...

Stop here for a visit, and find out why. Perhaps you will want to call us, too... Together with you, we'll turn your opportunities into results!

The remainder of this site reflects our historical suite of advisory and execution capabilities and accomplishments, and some of the awards and accolades we have received along the way. We have preserved this for you, so that you can best understand where we have come from, as it is the foundation of who we are today.

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